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These terms and conditions control the use of this website, and 

these terms and conditions are acknowledged in their entirety and without reservation. 

You can not use this website if you don’t agree with these terms and conditions or any component of these terms and conditions. 

To use this website, you must be at least 13 years of age. 

You warrant and reflect that you are at least 13 years of age by the use of this website and by subscribing to these terms and conditions.

License To Use Website

All intellectual property rights published on this website and materials used on www.eventbeats.in according to the license below are reserved, as otherwise mentioned, by www.eventbeats.in and/or its licensors. 

Subject to the limitations set out below and elsewhere in these terms and conditions, you can access, copy for caching purposes only, and print pages, files, or other content from the website for your personal use.

You must not:

-Re-publication in print or digital media or documents (including republication on another website) of content from this website; 

-Sale, lending or sub-licensing website materials.

-Present in public some content from the website.

-Reproduce, repeat, copy or otherwise misuse content for a commercial purpose on this website.

-Editing or otherwise changing some website material.

-Redistribute information from this platform, except content made available for dissemination directly and expressly

-By using iframes or screen scrapers to republish or replicate some portion of this website.

Where the material is expressly made available for reuse, 

only within the company can it be redistributed.

Acceptable Use

You must not use this website in any manner that causes or may cause damage to the website or affect the availability or usability of www.eventbeats.in or in any way that is unconstitutional, immoral, fraudulent or dangerous, or in conjunction with any action or intent that is unlawful, unlawful, fraudulent or harmful.

Any content consisting of (or connected to) any spyware, computer virus, trojan horse, worm, keystroke logger, rootkit or other malicious computer programs must not be downloaded, saved, hosted, circulated, sent, used, published or posted on this website.

Until the express wrote permission of www.eventbeats.in, you should not perform any systematic or automatic data collection practices on or to this website. 

Scraping, data mining, data retrieval, data collection, ‘framing’ (iframes), Article ‘Spinning’ this or any part of this 

should not be used by you.

Website for the transmission or sending of unsolicited commercial messages.

Restricted access

Entry is limited to some parts of this website www.eventbeats.in reserves the right to limit entry, at our discretion, to some parts of this website or the whole website. 

Without warning, www.eventbeats.in may alter or adjust this policy.

You must ensure that the user ID and password are kept private if www.eventbeats.in provides you with a user ID and password to allow you to enter restricted parts of this website or other content or services. 

For your password and user ID protection, you alone are accountable. 

www.eventbeats.in may without warning or clarification, disable your user 

ID and password at the sole discretion of www.eventbeats.in.

User content

‘Your user materials’ includes, in these terms and conditions, material (including, without limitation, text, photographs, audio 

material, video material, and audio-visual material) which you send to this website for any reason whatsoever.

You offer www.eventbeats.in a license to, for whatever reason, use, replicate, modify, publish and 

translate your user content on our websites under the jurisdiction of Brevity India Technologies. 

Your consumer content must not be unauthorized or unethical, must not infringe the civil rights of any third party, and must not be allowed to bring legal action, whether against you or www.eventbeats.in or against a third party (in each case under any applicable law).

No consumer material that is or has ever been the focus of any threatened 

or actual court action or any other related allegation must be posted to the website.

www.eventbeats.in reserves, the right to change or delete any content uploaded or deposited on www.eventbeats.in’s servers on this website, or hosted or released on this website.

In respect to the rights of www..eventbeats.in for these Terms and Conditions to user content, www.eventbeats.in shall not endeavor to track the submission or publishing of any content on this website.

No Warranties

Without any promises or guarantees, express or implied, this website is given ‘as is’. No claims or warranties are made by www.eventbeats.in concerning this website or to the information and materials are given on this website.

Nothing on this page contains advice of some kind or is intended to constitute advice. 

You can contact an appropriate practitioner if you need 

the advice in regards to any legal, financial, or medical matters.

Our website can get down for some reason such as website maintenance or network problem, etc.

Limitations Of Liability

You will not be held accountable by www.eventbeats.in (whether under the law of touch, the law of wrongdoing or otherwise) concerning the content of, or use of, or otherwise connected with, this website.

-For any direct loss, to the degree that the website is given free of charge. 

-For any damage that is indirect, exceptional or consequential.

-For any business results, loss of revenue, income, earnings or planned savings, loss of contracts or business partnerships, loss of credibility or goodwill, or knowledge or data loss or misconduct. 

And if www.eventbeats.in has been specifically advised of 

the possible loss, certain limits of liability apply.


Nothing in the disclaimer of this website would exempt or restrict any guarantee implied by statute that it would be unconstitutional to exclude 

or limit, and nothing in the disclaimer of this website would exclude or limit Brevity India Technologies’ responsibility for any of the following: 

Death or personal injuries incurred by www.eventbeats.in 

or its agents, staff or shareholders/owners’ negligence. 

Fraud on the part of www.eventbeats.in or dishonest misrepresentation.

It would be unconstitutional or unethical for www.eventbeats.in to exempt or restrict 

its responsibility, or to threaten or purport to exclude or limit it.


Through accessing this website, you accept that the liability exclusions and limits set out in the disclaimer on this website are fair. 

If you do not agree that they are acceptable, you should not use this website.

Unenforceable Provisions

If, under existing law, any clause of this website disclaimer is, or is considered to be, unenforceable, it would not change the enforceability of the other clauses of this disclaimer on the website.


You hereby indemnify www.eventbeats.in and agree to make www.eventbeats.in liable for all injuries, penalties, fees, obligations and expenses (including, without restriction, litigation costs and any sums charged to a third party by www.eventbeats.in in the resolution of a lawsuit or dispute with the advice of legal advisers at www.eventbeats.in) incurred or sustained by www.eventbeats.in as a result of any violation of any provision of these terms and conditions by you, or as a result of any complaint that you have infringed any provision of these terms and conditions.

Breaches Of These Terms and Conditions

Without exception to the other rights of www.eventbeats.in under these Terms and Conditions, if you in any way infringe these Terms and Conditions, www.eventbeats.in may take such action as www.eventbeats.in deems it appropriate to deal with the infringement, including by suspending your access to the Website, by barring your access to the Website, by blocking the access to the Website of computers using your IP address., contacting the internet service provider to order that your access to the domain be blocked and/or that legal action be brought against you.


These terms and conditions can be updated by www.eventbeats.in from time-to-time. For the usage on this website, new terms and conditions will apply from the date of release of the revised terms and conditions on this website.

new edition, please update this page frequently. Severability

If any judge or other competent body finds that a clause of these terms 

and conditions are unconstitutional and/or unenforceable, the other clauses will continue to be in place. 

If any unconstitutional and/or unenforceable clause, if part of it is omitted, will be legal or enforceable, the 

the section would be considered to be deleted and the remainder of the provision would continue to be in place.

Entire Agreement

Along with the Privacy Policies of www.eventbeats.in, these Terms and Conditions represent the whole arrangement between you and www.eventbeats.in concerning your use of this website and supersede all existing agreements relating to your use of this website.

Law and Jurisdiction

These terms and conditions shall be regulated by and construed in conformity with the laws of Mohali, India, and 

the sole jurisdiction of the courts of Hyderabad, India shall extend to all disputes about those terms and conditions.